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Skinwalkers, or also shape shifters, are persons with supernatural abilities to change into the any animals they want, although person mostly change in the coyote, wolf, owl, fox or crow. Witnesses told, that they saw animals like dogs or wolves walking on their hind legs. Navajo tribe, who named Skinwalkers also as Yee naaldlooshii (that, who walks on all four), believes, that Skinwalkers can even seize the skin or body of a person and can control human. Originates of Skinwalker are from Navajo tribe, but, stories about these creatures can be find also between Hopi, Utes and other tribes. Each of these have their own versions of Skinwalkers.
It is use to say, that each Skinwalker is a witch, but no each witch is Skinwalker. Witch/wizard which wants to turn into Skinwalker must go through some ritual and even kill somebody from his/her family. Skinwalkers, resp. similar to them, can be found in different cultures. As informed Jaroslav Mareš, in Uganda village, people, beli…

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