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Animal Soul 

The existence of an animal soul leads to many disputes. The existence of the soul itself has been proven by Dr. Duncan MacDougall, who in 1901 weighed patients before and a few hours after death. Based on the tests, he estimated that the human soul weighs about 21 grams. MacDougall also performed experiments on dogs, but he did not find the difference in weight, and he gave the hypothesis that the dogs do not have soul. We must, however, noted, that finding dogs dying of natural causes is difficult and there is a suspicion that MacDougall dogs poisoned. There is a widespread presumption that those who did not die by natural death remain wandering in this world, as their souls did not leave their bodies, no weight differences could be found.
Many people would disagree about the absence of animal soul. One of them is a behaviorist and a professor at Colorado University, Marc Bekoff, who says that biology no longer understands dogs and other animals as "hairy automats,&…

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