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Denisovan Zana?

In the 1850´s was in Ochamchir region of Abkhazia in Caucasus, Russia, captured a wild women, who was named Zana. Zana was 2 m tall, covered with thick dark (or red) hair and has enourmos power, she would outrun a horse, swim across the Moskva river even when it rose in violent high tide or effortlessly climb trees. Zana had thick arms, legs, fingers and massive bossom. She had also bold lips and oblate nose, per witnessess she looks like half-human, half-ape. For first years she was kept in the cage, where she dug a hole for herself. After some time she was helping with smaller works. Even in the worst frost she swam in the stream and was not sick. She had 6 children, but most of them died and only 2 of them, son Chvit and daughter Gamasa, survived.
People from remote location still reports observation of wild people. Even before few centuries it was normal to meet these people. According to some theories these people could be surviving Neanderthals, who evolved simu…

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