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Plant feelings

In one legend from High Tatras, Slovakia, we can find story, which is telling us about one coniferous tree, which was able to feel. As stated legend, two men decided to fell this tree. When men, tried to fell it down, and when they just put the saw on the crust, they heard sobs. Even when they just touched the crust, a pitiful wailing sounded again from the tree. The tree disappeared on the second day.

This is the version of the legend. Could be possible that the men fell the tree down, because its not most likely, that it will just disappeared. But, can be possible that tree or plant can feel the pain?

Many people still probably think, that pain can feel only men and animal. But other are focusing also on plants research. One of them was also Cleve Backster, who worked in CIA, was FBI trainer, founder of polygraph program, etc. In 1966 he starts with experiments with Dracaena fragrans, which he put to polygraph machine. In one of the experiments he light a match and burned a leaf. After this, polygraph machine came alive and registered reaction of plant. Backster during his work found out, that plants can react to various stimuli, they have even some level of awareness. In later experiences he can even proved, that plant can identify the criminal between more people.

We can also mention Suzanne Simard, ecologist, professor at the University of British Columbia, who claimed that older trees can helping younger of same kin survive. Older trees can find out if seedling is the same kin or not.  From her results, we can see, that trees can interacting with each other and even older trees can give information and even experiences. From different experiments results, that plants can better react on stress, with which has already some experience previous generations.

Next we can also mention experiment of Heidi Appel, from department of Plant science of University of Agricultural, Food and Natural resources and Bond Life Sciences Center, who found that when plant was started to be eaten by caterpillar, their metabolism start to create defensive chemicals by which are invaders threatened. Later experiments showed that when on plant is simulated the movement of caterpillar; the plant is producing the chemical to protect itself before attacker. However, the simulated wind movement did not cause the start of producing the chemical.

It means, that the plant can recognize the movement and touch of various stimuli. So, they can feel and react in different ways on pain. We can see, that on our legend about the tree, which feel, is more true than we can originally imagined. What other truthful information can be find in the legends and stories of our ancestors?


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