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Animal´s prophecy

One of the legends, from Slovak republic, is saying story about farmer, that once listen to the talk of his oxen. Oxen were talking about that their owner will die. Next day this prediction happened. In this legend animals predicted the death. Can be possible for animals to predict or feel upcoming death of man? It´s more usual, than many people think. It´s usually hard to find out if your or some other animal feel something bad on you, because each of them, as we, has different demonstration. Some of them will be nervous, wouldn’t be around you, but other will want be more with you and will be more subtle. Many dog owners have experience that dog will lay down to a man to the place where he/she has some injury.

Oftentimes is also necessary for them to train, but this, however don´t need to be a rule. It always depends on a particular individual. In addition to the disease or near death, can animals feel also sorrow. On various experiments, it was shown that when a participant was overwhelmed by mourning, the dogs devoted themselves more. Of course is necessary to add that it also depends on certain relationships, it is also very likely that dog/cat or other resident animals in Rehabilitation centers will already know people there and they will see if something get different.

On the basis of the above mentioned, we would not give to animals so must predicting abilities, but the greatest difference between us and for example dogs are receptors of smell, for which are signals different smells. Our body has its own odor. For diseased such as, for example, cancer is the reason  which starts in the human body hormonal changes, this disease also manifest itself also by changing in the smell of our body. As our receptors are not sensible and we do not have them as much as dogs, which have more than 220 million, these gentle changes we would not register. Dogs, on the contrary, can register even small changes. Several studies shown that dog can even report bladder cancer in urine, epileptic seizures or infarct.

For all animals we can mention cat Oscar, who is living in Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Providence, Rhode Island. This cat can correctly predict impending death, he is nearly each time correct. The situation was, that Oscar was always too close to these patients, which was especially important, because he was normally unfriendly.

There will be surely more researcher on this problematic, also for specific types of animals, but usually are the part of research dogs, cats, etc.  But even with these we can see that the animals can really tingle the evidence and thus predict or death, or at least health problems. On the legend about oxen, therefore can be more than can be seen on the first sight...

source of the picture:https//pixabay.com/sk/vlk-vlci-snow-wolf-na-%C5%A1%C3%ADrku-1341881/


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