What´s TRUE on that?!

Gjenganger is Norwegian ghost, which come back from dead because he left something undone in this life, or there is some obstacle, because of which he can´t pass to another world, or he/she was murdered and still the culprit was not punished. Can there really be ghosts among us, who are waiting for righteousness, or for some, to release them?

We know, that the people in the coma have the perception of the action around them. There is also evidence that ghosts, resp. dead people from the “other side” communicate with us. Could there be situation, when they need something to finish? This idea is more real, than we think. Our beloved ones from other side are visiting us more often, that we can imagine. For example as stated Dr. Penny Sartori in her book “The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences. How Understanding NDEs can help us live more fully” in one of her studied cases “during the days, weeks or months after deaths (people) reported, that they have seen, felt or smell his/her perfume. The usual phenomenon is the glimpse of a dead life partner after his death.

People often can not deal with the death of the beloved ones. Is possible that were are visiting by them, as is their leave hard for us. Even there are stories about women, who did not deal with death of their children and their souls were still around them and they were visible for more sensitive people. It is also the same with beloved dogs, whose souls are with their owners even after death.

A very famous case is the story about one exorcist , who was dealing with the situation of the death old father who was appearing at the grandson´s bed. The exorcist found out that the bed, was the things, which hinder his way. When they pushed the bed, his soul was able to move and the old men never showed again.

The type of legend, in which people died suddenly, violently or early leaving unfinished work or with some sin, can be find in different countries of the world. Yes, you can also think that hearing voices of our dead beloved ones, can be only result of big sorrow and only hallucinations and mirage, but these events can be seen also in places, where you never been before like haunted house, castle, etc. So even on above mentioned legend, is more true, than you could think.


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