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In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a nation of militant women, who used various weapons and ride on horses. But this nation wasn´t only myth, Greek historians describing them as an existing nation located in the area from the northern coast of Asia Minor under Caucasus to the territory of today´s Crimea. They did not have a single state, but lived in smaller groups under matriarchal arrangement.

In mythology helped Amazons in Trojan War again the Greeks. Next, they can be find also in myth of Heracles, in his ninth labor, for which he must bring the belt of Hippolyte, the queen of Amazons.
There is an idea, that these warriors were cutting their right breast, but this is not true. Part of their name ´mazon´ sound like Greek word which mean without breast. In fact, no of the artist never depicted them only with one breast.

Also, Amazons are depicted as women society in matriarchal arrangement, which hated men, and have men only because of children. But, we must mention also that another Greek name for Amazon was translated as ´equals to men´ and poets called these warriors as man-lovers. Even in myth of Heracles, Hippolyte felt in love with Heracles and wanted to give him her belt.

We can think that the story of Amazons is based on existing warriors from distant countries. In the nomadic tribes from the eastern steppes came from Scythian warriors, where were fighting also women. Archeological researches confirmed that every fourth women was buried with weapons.

But all around the world are experts discovering graves of women, which were buried as warriors. For example, for a long time, people thought that Viking warriors were only men, because of the attributes considered to be male like shields and swords. But after DNA analysis was proved that in grave Bj 581 on Björkö Island was buried woman. Warrior was buried together with sword, arrows, two horses and a game set, which indicated that the owner worked as a tactician.

From modern women warrior group we can mention Dahomey Fighters, a group of women, whose original aim was to hunt an elephants, because of food. However, in 17th century they became the personal security of the king. At the end of the 19th century was unit destroyed in the attack of the French city.

Amazon warriors were more real that only myth and in different history times and on different places. Amazon-like warriors could be finding even in the Egypt, Persia, Caucasia, Central Asia, India, China, Japan and so on.

picture source:https://pixabay.com/sk/plastika-bronz-%C5%BEena-amazon-2013048/


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