Will be your worst nightmare..

Vampire can be described as undead, which rises from the grave and sowing people´s blood. This creature could become from outcast of society, people who were not properly buried or suiciders. During life could some things suggest that a person becomes a vampire, such as excessive hair, and so on.

Vampires can be found in different times and even in different regions of the world. Suspicions for the presence of vampires arose when the died cattle or relatives or neighbors of died, as people believed that vampire wsa attacking mainly its surroundings.

In such cases people have tried to find explanations, resp. the culprit, who in many cases was a vampire. However, we can not imagine that only the less educated people believe in the existence of vampires. E.g. Voltaire stated in the Philosophical Vocabulary Dictionary, that they are "dead people, that came out of of the tombs to suck the blood of living, either from the throat or the stomach, after what they get back to the cemeteries. (...) it was in Poland, Hungary, Silesia, Austria."

Belief in vampires was so strong, that we find references, or even proofs about the various efforts, which people have made to stop vampire dawning, e.g. stone in the mouth, wooden stake in hearts, cut heads located in the leg area. But were they real creatures or just legends? As we already stated, vampires can be found in different countries of the world. Let´s look at some of them...


Pontianak  known also as Matianak or Kuntilanak is vampire, whom we can find in folklore of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Of course, bigger or smaller details depend on each country, but in general this vampire is spirit of woman who died during childbirth. Similar vampire is also LangSuir, vampire, who is the spirit of woman, who died at work and with her died also unborn baby. Into the LangSuir can woman transform for 40 years after her death. The common sign is, that both shows to men as beautiful women with long hair dressed in white. Protecting against the Pontianak is to push stake in her neck, to return her to the form which she had before. Another option is to put ghe glass beads into her mouth (to prevent shouting) and eggs in the armpits (to prevent flying). Apparently, the best option is to don´t grow a banana tree, as in these during day live vampire souls.

Pontianak's presence is supposed to reveal by baby crying or howl of dogs. When crying is quiet, Pontianak is close, if is loud is far away. Her presence can also reveal the fragrance of the flower called kemboja. The beautiful scent of the flower is then to be replaced by a stench. You would not want to meet with this vampire. Pontianak, with his sharp nails, raises the victim's hull and begins to eat his guts. Even if a man has open eyes when the vampire is near, it can suck it off his head.


In Philippine folklore we can find another vampire-like creature. It is a creature called Sigbin, who sucks the blood of the victims, and even according to some legends, it should also consume the shadows of the victims. Sigbin is described with a very large ears; a long, flexible tail that can be used as a whip; long fangs; red eyes and bats face. Overall, per legends and testimonies it should looks like goats or kangaroo. This strange creature waves the bowed head between the hind legs. Sigbin hunts at night and can be made invisible, so people see it rarely, so many people believe it is more of a spirit. Man can kill only with one painful bite.

Although this creature is predominantly legendary in the southern Philippines, we find stories, that suggest, that there are families known as "Sigbinan," which in the translation mean those, who own Sigbin. Such a family would probably control this creature and Sigbin should be loyal about like a dog. The family holds him in a pot of clay and feeds with blood. There was a belief that Sigbin´s owner would have luck.


Another vampire, which can take on himself form of a woman is Loogaroo belongs to the Caribbean mythology. Throughout the day, this vampire has the form of an old woman, but at night she can get rid of the skin and takes on the form of a fireball that looks for her victims to take blood from them. Legends say that this woman is in league with the devil she gives, respectively. who calls for fresh blood every night. If Loogaroo did not give it to him, the devil would have sucked it in blood to kill vampire. From the bond with the devil, have vampire the magical power that it will have until he gives the devil blood. Back from the shape of a blazed ball can only be converted if it gets enough blood. In order to gain blood, it attacks not only humans but also animals.

This Caribbean vampire can get to the house through any small hole or crack. The guard is therefore to put a handful of rice or sand in front of the entrance door. Loogaroo must count them all night until the sun goes up. Then it has to return back to her skin and can not attack a man. Another option is to destroy her skin. The vampire is hiding her skin beneath the Cotton Tree. Some of the legends say that such a skin was found under the tree and was to be destroyed. The skin was put in a maze, they sprouted with spices and salt and destroyed what also kill the vampire, as she was not able to put on her human form. 

....to be continued....



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