Will be your worst nightmare...

Tibetan lamas are capable after long hours of meditation and intense concentration  create creatures, which are called Tulpas. Tulpas are entities created in mind, that can acquire different forms from animals to humans, they can even be supernatural beings. As stated Jacques Marseille and Nadeije Laneyrie- Dagen "according to lamas is the world that surrounds us, only spiritual vision, there is no phenomenon, which is not created by the human spirit."

With this phenomenon met traveler Alexandra David-Neel, who was also able to create her own Tulpa. David-Neel was aware about risks, which are associated with creation of tulpa. Because of this she created Tulpa, who looked like a cheerful monk, like one from stories of Robin Hood. As she wrote in her book "after few months was ghostly monk in the world, his look was gradually changing until he remind a real person. He became a guest living in my apartment."

Some may think it's just fictional stories, but as David-Neel says, "the scent of the rose bush spread far, the phantom house resorted the travelers from the flesh and bone."

The creation of a Tulpa is associated with several risks. These beings can behave in a friendly way first, but, as longer exist, the greater force it gets and the more difficult it is to control its actions. Even in some cases, it can create its own Tulpa, but multiple Tulpas are just an exceptional case. Tulpas are able to think, they have their own free will, emotions and memories.  

As David-Neel says, Tulpa walked with her everywhere, even though she was out. "The features, I thought of when, I formed my phantom gradually changed. A bold, cheerful companion with a friendly face changed into an inexorable and derisive being. He became more troublesome and bold. In brief, he escaped my control." After 6 months of hard work, David-Neel finally got rid of her phantom.

Tulpa can become an independent entity, an entity with its own consciousness, which can often damage, physically hurt its creator and create other similar beings. The more energy that creator gave to Tulpa, the less he can control it. One own, unpleasant, story tells us Hunter James Martin on websites of theoverworld.tumblr.com

As Hunter stated, he choosed to work on a replica of himself. After some time his tulpa starting to shape. „I watched it for a while, admiring my own work. (...) My fingers passed through it when I tried to touch it. (...) (Tulpa had) slightly longer face, teeth, eyes, limbs, fingers. And there was something incredibly disturbing about the way it watched me. One day I was washing my face and it was behind me in the mirror. Staring. I stood there, heart pounding. (...) It followed me everywhere around the house (...). It would just suddenly be behind me, beside me, in the reflection of something. I began to get very frightened. It all became too much.“

As Hunter stating, he decided to let his tulpa disapper, but it was hard work and long time. As Hunter wrote it was „a month and a half of watching and following. It was always there. (...) I woke up and it would be standing over my bed. A warped version of myself. (...) One night I did sleep, I would have the worst nightmares imaginable. And it only got worse from there. (...) I hardly ate. My weight plummeted. At one point my boss asked me to do a drug test.“

Creation of Tulpa is not at all what a person wants. We might think, that Tulpa exists only in eastern doctrines, but as Vladimír Liška states, similar views of the materialization of people and objects of our thoughts exist also within occultists. He further states that "in the past, it was possible to create a variety of demons in this way, sufficient psychic concentration, sometimes even mass, to form the materialized archetypes of these beings." It is possible that our ancestors, knowingly or unknowingly, were able to create the creatures, that today look like fictional beings of myths and legends.

More information about the created creature comes from Jaroslav Mareš. This story tells of a wizard who did not like women. As Mareš stated: "Sick and exhausted felt, that his end is inevitably coming. (...) He created the idea of a magical snake in thoughts and dedicated him to persecuting (...) all women, his idea materialized and began to live independent (...) life." Only the women, who were attacked have seen snake. This snake has never seen by men.

We can say that our mind has incredible abilities. With these needs to be work reasonably, because our creations can be transformed into something terrible. 

Picture 1: https://pixabay.com/sk/duch-ghost-vzh%C4%BEad-predstavivos%C5%A5-2722577/
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