Mysterious India

We were alredy mentioning different creatures and places like Mamlambo, Black Shuck, Eilean Mor and many others. Today we will check and try to more understand India´s mysteries.

Valley of seven dead men

In jungles of northern India is still some secret valley, full of gold and old palaces, but in this place of the world are also many dangers. About this valley, heard in 1890 from locals also Graham Dickford, who made up expedition with 6 other men, which last for 2 years. This expedition survive only Graham. Dried, burned and hairless get to the village, where he was taken to the hospital. As he said in all that place are „great flying fire, shadows in the night and ghosts that kill you by looking at you.“ Then he fell into the unconsciousness and he died. After this get the valley its name „Valley of seven dead men.“

In another expedition were 4 men, from which 2 died in cave and 2 came back, but after short time also died. They had headaches and nightmares. One of them said that „if one struck a match, there was a terrific roar and flames shot from one end of the valley to the other!.“

3rd expedition with 7 members survived just 2 men, who told that when they built tents, the rest of the men start to shake, turning around and after a while fell on the  ground dead.

The last expedition was held in 1919. On the start of their journey, expedition found remains of 17 deads. Then 3 members of expedition suddenly jumped over a rocky cliff and were killed. Even the rest died under mysterious circumstances. Because of all those horrible, unexplained deaths, the government is keepng the location of this place in secret. 

Well, what we know about this secret place? As we were told by one of the expedition member if you will there struck a match, the flames shot from one end of the valley to the other. We can expect cracks in the ground, from which get some type of an inflamambe natural gas. Also, some work can make their imagination, especially when other participants have horrifying information about the  valley, so jump from the rock or hearing of terrific roar can be caused by mass hystery or by the use of some certain fruits/herbs, that can produce effect of certain ideas. But, if we could explain everything, why did everybody in each expedition die under strange circumstances? And why would the government conceal the real location of this place? 


Bhootbilli, or ghost cat, is mysterious creature, which terrorizes areas in the city of Pune. Bhootbilli is often describes as a cross between cat, dog and mongoose. This fat, broad creature with black colour and long tail is based on the talking of people capable of long jumps, and it can easily jump even on the trees. As stated Feroz Khan, whenever they tried to catch Bhootbilli, it jumped on the tree and sneak out. 

Usually, their food are smaller creatures like pigeons, and its size is between lion and hyena. Except pigeons, it should also already killed a goat. But it was just one goat and forty five pigeons, so maybe goat was killed by something else. 

Nine Unknown Men

Nine Unknown Men is name of, respectively, are creating a powerful secret society, which members have secret knowledge. This society was founded by Maurayan Emperor Asoka in around 300 BC after Kalinga war, where were killed more than 100,000 men. Its used to say that each of the Nine Men has a special book with knowledge. The original function and reason to creation was to preserve and develop the type of secret information, which can be too dangerous in hands of the unknowledgeable. Books should be about psychological warfare; microbiology and biotechnology; alchemy; gravitation and aerospace technology; cosmonogy and universe; light its speed and how to use it as a weapon; terrestrial and extraterrestrial communication, sociology and even one should explain how to kill a person just by touch. This stated about books Talbot Mundy, member of British police force in India, who wrote about this secret society.

There are always nine people and there are even rules for current and past members. This society have just few contacts in outside world. These men can directly benefit from the experiences, works and documents gathered during the centuries and add new discoveries.

One of the people, who should met them, or be directly one of them, should be Pope Sylvester II. In his palace, he had bronze head on the principle of a slot machine, which answered on questions yes and no, but after his death, the head was destroyed. 

As these men have information about terrestrial and extraterrestial communication, they are probably in contact with some extraterrestrials. Can they even have all of the information from them? 


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