Imagine, that you will go on a walk to the mountain on a little trip, but nobody will see you in your hometown for months, years or even centuries. You will think, that you was away just for minutes or hours, but nothing around is same as it was. You just get

Stucked in time

Maybe you know only about normal flow of time. But, one of theories is saying that the past and present still flow and from time to time they can cross. Next, there is also another one, saying, that time can flow on special places in different ways. If you will imagine, that you will live for hundreads and thousands of years, even for some time it can be interesting, anyhow after some time it will be surely horrible idea. But, in fact, there are so many places, where you can stay for longer time...

In so many European countries we can find stories about sleeping armies. Armies, which are waiting on the right time and when will be the nation in worst situation, they will come, fight and will help to the poor nation. Maybe, we can understand that as some general knowledge from old times, as it can be find in many countries, but, what if is on these stories something true? 

As we already mentioned in Treasures of the World in Czech Republic, can be find mountain Blaník, where should dwell troops of the knights. According to Aleš Česal and Radim Němeček in 19th century lived Commissioner Putzlacher, who made an inspection tour in one village near this mountain. After he fulfilled obligations, he opted for a little evening trip near mountains. Commissioner told his fellow traveler old stories about heroic knights, but he ridiculed them. Happened something, what nobody expected. To the carriage suddenly in cloud of dust galloped large crowd of knights in dark blue armor and with long battle swords. They accompanied the carriage quarter of an hour, then turn the horses around and galloped away.

As we already mentioned in the Neverending battles when somebody died by a violent death or when he/she was full of hate, sorrow or desire for revenge and so on, the soul of deceased wanders through the world and seeking justice. Even energy of deceased people may be entered into the surrounding objects such as rocks or trees. This idea can explain, why were these knights seen just in a certain part of the woods. But, in Slovakia, we can find this legend about troops of the knights in mountain Sitno, where should also dwell army of soldiers, which are prepared to come help to the nation when will be the worst. One of the stories is mentioning carriers with oat around Sitno. They were captured by armed riders, who were wearing armor. As stated Miloš Jesenský „when they laid down the cargo in the underground cave, they were given a letter from one of the knights, and were send to one priest in near village to pay for the oats.“ As the men were scared, they did not went to the priest for the money, but on this situation we can see, that as knights needs food, they were more real, than just some remained energy in the surrounding woods. 

You can tell, that those people sell somewhere their cargo and just came with some unreal story and they find out, that use of the legendary knights, will be acceptable. But, we still have other stories, about women, whose child get lost in the cave full of gold. Women in these stories tooked gold and money away from the cave and want to go back for the child, but the entrace get blocked and will open again next year. When the time come, the women took child and it looks like that child were in the cave just for the few minutes, as its did not get older or bigger.

Usually, when we are thinking about sleeping armies, its captain of army waiting on the right time to send his soldiers into the fights. Exist some notions from people, who heard, from nobody, while they were near such mountains, if its time?! As people get scared they answered No! But, even the army is waiting, there are also exceptions. 

Sitno is not the only place in Slovak republic were are still soldiers from the old times. One story from Bratislava (Slovakia) is also telling us that one rock, which during the time get clogged with sand and overgrown by plants is hiding also soldiers. One family wants to built a new house and they need stones. So, they took a part from this rock. The part, which they took, was unusual as it resembled groups of people. Men did not take a care and took right this part. During the way to the home, they saw a group of weird people, but they thought that they were only wayfarers. As stated Ivan Szabó at the second day were people talking that this group looked like soldiers, but they have different clothes, as are wearing soldiers nowadays. „Weird warriors are walking around the village and looking into the houses.“ These weird warriors found, what they want. They found those people, who have interrupted their sleep.  As they told to men „you have thrown a tombstone from our grave. We died in battle under Devín (castle in Bratislava), we poured blood there for your freedom. (...) we will not have peace until you return it to the place, where you picked it up.“ The soldiers also threatened, that the men who had broken their peace would blush with them if they would not return the stone. Men returned stone and, although, it was heavy, it fell back and the men felt as if someone had helped them. stone returned and strange soldiers from the old days did not show up in the village. Again we can just think that it was just form of energy kept in the stone, but these soldiers get to the village for some special reason. Soldiers from the old time, who are keeping the peace of the place and maybe waiting on the next time for help.

Another story can be found around the High Tatras (Slovak Republic). As stated Alfréd Grosz „the great army of the mighty knights has withdrawn into underground sinks, blocked the entrances with heavy boulders, or so embroiled them that no one can discover them. Warriors have been sitting on the rocks behing long benches since then. (...) Next to each other, they have armor and swords. Even the horses are housed there.“ Grosz says that on the place was before some time heard ringing, but when the mighty fighters, found out that did not become their time, they fall asleep again.

Another place from Slovakia is Pustý hrad, about which goes legend, that it had resisted atack of any enemy in the past, because in worst, the knights were knocked out on the horses that defeated the enemy and how they appeared they also disappeared. So, in some cases, these soldiers are actally called. Of course, it all sounds just like a fairy-tales for scaring kids, and many can ask where these soldiers are. In what space did they get to be in armor and with horses? As we already mentioned in Treasures of the World as stated Vladimír Liška „there are geological theories, which say that deep underground across whole Europe are vast hollow spaces with underground rivers, long hundreas of kilometres, which run out through special tunnels to the surface and create some great lakes.“  We can also mentioned Empire of Agharta, where its ruler, who we can know as the „king of the world“ should live with all nation for hundreads of years. 

Next we can mention story from 1904 from California, when to the cave, which was in Cascade Mountain Range, appeared by J.C.Brown, who get into the cave through a long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel were walls covered with copper plates with an unknown writings. There were also human skeletosn and Brown said, that time at the time flowed slowlier.

With another stories is covered mountaing Untersberg, where should according to legend dwelt Frederick Barbarosa (or Karl the Great), of who are taking care small dwarf-like creatures called „Untersberger Mandln.“ Hundreads of people have gone missing in the area of this strange mountain, nobody ever see them again, or they show up years later without knowledge how long they were missing or even they show up in different place of the world. In folkore exist so many legends and myths about little people coming out from the mountain. Even in this mountain, time flows slowlier, one day is sometimes one year or even longer time.

Although we just mentioned places where the flow of time is slowlier, in world can be find even opposite place. Kailas mountain, is place, where one will get old too fast. No mountaineer was yet at its peak. It is proven that by this place is time running much faster, for example two hours near the sea are like two weeks. People can realistically see hair or nails growth.

Are all the stories from around the world about sleeping armies, hidden gold and treasures in mountains and slowly running time trully, will somebody once answer on the question if it is already time yes and will see the glory knights fighting for our better future or all those just stories to have faith in something better? 


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