Mysterious Islands

Probably the best known and most mysterious island is and will always remain Atlantis. The mythical island of advanced culture, fertile land and advanced technology, which is first mentioned by Plato. Noting, however made in 640 B.C., also Solon, who heard the conversation of fishermen about land lost under water, where lived rich civilization that destroyed natural disaster. As Plato stated „in a single day and night of misfortune (...) the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.“

From the other islands which disappeared, we can mention Lemuria, which was located between India and Africa and was destroyed by earthquakes; or Thule, the mythical island of education and purity, lying somewhere in the north.

Of course, all over the world, can be find various references to the more or less legendary countries and islands, which are gone long ago or maybe even never existed, but scientists and lay people still trying to prove their existence and importance. There are, respectively there were also islands, which also scared us. We have about them reports from investigators and observers, but these mysterious islands are not on the maps. It was a delusion or these places shouldn´t be known? We will check out some of them.

Sannikov land

Information about an unknown island located in the Artic Ocean north of the Novosibirsk Islands brought in 1811 fur trapper Yakov Sannikov. The island previously and even then was not seen in any map but Sannikov saw him during his voyages for a few times. According to his description island should be the length of 80 and the width of 55 km and be located in the middle of ice conditions with an active volcano which heat thrive lush vegetation and a variety of animals such as birds or polar foxes. The temperature difference between volcano and the ocean caused mist which enveloping island. 

Sannikov was trying to get to the island several times, but due to the amount of ice floes he does not succeed. On survey went several expeditions, we can mention for example the expedition of George W. De Long in 1881, which appear land near by the Novosibirsk islands. They named it as Bennett´s Island, but this was full of ice and snow. From the other expeditions, we can mention the expedition of Eduard V. Toll, who went to seek the island in the early twentieth century. The men never returned or been found by rescue mission. It was found only letter in which was stated that men went to the survey. 

Proponent of the story was also a geologist Vladimír A. Obručev, who claimed that Sannikov land can separated from the rest of the mainland and in this tropical paradise could surive prehistoric people and animals. Nevertheless this mystery land wasn´t still find and researchers still wonder what really Sannikov saw? 

Isle of Demons

Isle of Demons which could be once find off the coast of Newfoundland was first in maps during the 16th century. Many sailors claimed that they heard terrible sounds, terrifying screams and saw the strange creatures when their ship sailed around this damn island. It was even believed that demons live on the island and various wild creature that attack anyone who dares to enter the mainland. Even there should wander the souls of those who drowned in the Atlantic. Apparently the only person who survived the stay on the island was Marguerite de la Rocque, French noblewoman, who was given to island with her husband and her maid. There is no consensus about why noblewoman was on board of seagoing ship, and even less reason for withdrawal on the island. Some say that the rest of the family wanted to inherit her possessions, other that it was because of her scandalous behaviour. When these three were given to the island they got gun, gunpowder, knives and so on. They lived in a cave and ate berries. Demons were attacking or visiting them during the night. It were strange shadows, eyes glowing in the dark, attacking invisible hands. Man with the maid died and later also died newborn Marguerites´ child. Marguerite was finally rescued by a group of fishermen. But what makes the island mystery more deeper is the fact that in the 17th century disappeared from maps. Was ever there? And if not, where Marguerite was? Some say it could be the Fichot isladn, which is located near the Strait of Belle Isle located at the northern tip of Newfoundland and screams, which they heard belong to there held birds. Of course this is only theory, and today no one knows with certainty where Marguerite was and therefore what  or who were the terrifying demons.

Island in the Sargasso Sea

Another strange island that disappeared as quickly as it appeared, was seen in the Sargasso sea in 1956. Witnesses of the strange phenomenon was the crew of Yamacraw. On the radar screen appeared from nowhere the mainland, which has never been there before. The biggest mystery, however, was that the island was hovering above the water. As the captain wanted to explore the island, he order to swam below the island. As the ship came under the island, it began switching off the lights on board, gradually stopped working equipment and the crew started to feel sick. The captain gave the order to turn the ship and escape from the place. Island was visible on radar even the next day and then disappeared. This phenomenon has not yet been explained.

All these islands were hiding their secrets and how they appeared also disappeared. It is possible that actually never existed and it was only collective hallucinations, optical illusion or phantoms? This may be more than likely, there are more than enough these phantoms. One of them was Emerald Island, which was discovered by captain Nockells in 1821 south of Macquarie Island in the sub-Antartic seas. It was a small, rugged and rocky island on which was not a safety place for landing or exploration. The captain described the island as a whole true, several expedition went to explore it, but only a few saw this island. Therefore, the researchers believe that it was only an optical illusion.

Of course that mysterious islands might be, it is also possible that still exist and aren´t shown. Another theory is that like the ancient civilizations were destroyed by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or flood. The question which remains is if these strange places once really exist? 

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