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European lake monsters – 1. series

World is full of stories of weird creatures, which can be surviving dinosaurs. Most of them are living in different lakes and are still remaining more or less hidden. About many of them we heard tales from witnesses but experts don´t have scientific proof. So, amateurs and professionals are still trying to get some.

One of these more or less known creature is also Selma. Selma, large snake-like black lake monster, with long thin neck, huge black eyes, several humps on its back and mane, inhabits lake Seljord, Norway. First sighting of this creature is known from 18th century. From that time we can count more than 500 sightings. Interesting information is, that many of witnesses told in their stories that they cut attacking Selma in half.

Different researches still continues. As stated George Johnson after research in 2003 which were using special audio devices „researchers at the Institute for Marine Research in Bergen, Norway, and at the University of Copenhagen concluded after listening to the recordings that the sounds were made by a large mammal.“

We can really think that in Seljord is really something huge. As stated George M. Eberhart „In September  1969, divers Arne and Alf Thomassen conducted a search for Selma and found some odd grooves on the lake bottom, as if something heavy had been moving there.“

From stories we can mention year 1918 when one man saw in water very fast moving animal with had similar to horse one. Most witnesses told that they saw black creature, moving from side to side and all of them agree on that something huge was moving in the water. Who knows, maybe also in this moment is something in the water...


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