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European lake monsters – 1. series


Around the world are 250 lakes, which should inhabit different creature. Snake – like or dragon-like are these creatures in more or less known lakes. Now we will take a look to the deepest lake in the Europe, lake Brosno, Russia. In this lake should dwelt monster called Brosnie, Brosnya but also Brosno Dragon.

Many people believe that Brosnya is resembling dragon or dinosaur and there are also different tales about it. One of the stories is about Tatar – Mongol army headed for Novgorod. Horses were able to go to the lake to drink water. In one moment they all heard terrible roar. Army run away and Novgorod was saved.

But people from around the lake are telling also stories about sand mountains, which from time to time emerges from lake, about that how creature with enormous mouth ate fishermen and turning boats upside – down. Probably the most incredible story is telling how Brosnya during the Second World War ate german plane. Expers think that this one is only for attract tourists but as we know, every myth and legend arise from something. So, some enormous, luminous creature covered with scales with long thin tail, serpent – like head, enormous mouth can really be in the lake. But can be in this lake really monster with mouth huge enough to swallowing men, horses and boats?

Even first Brosnya´s sightings are from 13th century and this creature  lurks near the bottom of the lake and coming on the ground in the evening there still is not evidence of its existence. So there are still efforts to find it. In 2002 were there experts from Kosmopoisk Research Association with members from Karavan Magazine. After echo location sounding could experts said that there were an anomaly like huge jelly like mass five meters above the bottom of the lake.

Possible explanation is that terrible monster are in fact only perch, burbot and many other species of fish which sizeable populations which can underwater looks like mythical dragon.  As stated George M. Eberhart „the Sturgeon often grows to 11 feet 6 inches long, with outsize specimen reaching 19 feet. Some individuals are thought to live as long as 100 years.“

So are in the lake only different types of fish which are playing with our imagination, or dwells in russian lake dragon?

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