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It is said, that on every legend is a piece of truth. It is possible, therefore, that the strange creatures in these countries existed, and human imagination attributed to them other properties. Similarly, it was with the sovereigns. Vlad Tepeš has inspired Bram Stoker to write the novel Dracula. From text of this book we can mentioned, that he had "extremely sharp white teeths, they passed over the lips, whose remarkable red was a proof of a vitality, unusual in a man of his age. His ears were pale and unusually pointed.  (...) His extraordinary paleness was remarkable."

Later, Stoker also mentions the supernatural abilities of this vampire. The novel Dracula was "lifted out of the window by the whole body, and began to lower the castle wall over the horrible gulf below the head with a cloak spread around his like big wings."

Obviously, people saw vampire like this. Deathless pale, spiky ears, protruding long teeth. Stoker published his novel by the end of the 19th century. About a century and a half ago, massive vampire incidents have swept Europe's attention.

The situation came to such a stage that Maria Theresa published in 1755 a Vampire Decree prohibiting the opening of graves and the devastacion of the bodies of the deceased, whose were suspected of vampire. The decree was issued only after her personal doctor Gerhardvan Swieten showed on various occasions that the body decomposition process prevented, for example, fermentation processes or lack of oxygen. At the same time, however, if someone suspected of vampire had to report the situation to the authorities who had investigated the situation with the help of a doctor.

Real vampires??

Although we ahve already mentioned mainly legends, myths and various superstitions, there were people about others once believed they are really vampires. One of them was Peter Blagojevič, lived in the 18th century. About ten weeks after his funeral, has people began to say, that he had attacked them. According to one story, he should even visit his son and ask him for food, but when he refused, people found him dead. Besides this, he should also visit his wife. Overall, this vampire had to attack more than 10 people and sucked their blood. The situation was so high, that they called on physicians from Vienna to carry out exhumation. The doctors had found out, that the dead did not show signs of decomposition, their hair and nails grew, even new ones formed under the old skin. Finally, physicians also found the remnants of blood on his teeth and mouth.

Another vampire was Arnold Paole, a former soldier who died of injuries after he fell from a wagon at the age of 62. Many people thought he was a madman, because he  told the story of a vampire attack in Serbia. In order for Paole to escape the disease, he ate from the clay of the vampire grave, and body wiped by his blood. Apparently, however, these steps were not effective enough, since a few days after the funeral, people began to complain that their were attacked by dead Paole. This vampire, like Blagoevich, has killed more than 10 people. After 40 days, the authorities issued an order for the exhumation of his body. During the review, they found that he had long nails and blood around his nose and mouth. The heart of the corpse prevented the spiked wheel, some information suggesting that Paole had bleed and moan during this act.

More information about the creature that could be a vampire comes from the Highgate Cemetery in London. At this cemetery we can find various sculptures, decorated memorials and so on. In addition, however, the vampire should be here. Probably the greatest boom of witnesses was in the 20th century, in 1922 an official said he was attacked by a strange creature that burst into his throat. After that, the man fell away and was taken to a hospital where his doctors told him he was stabbed with a thin trunk body. On the same day, an unknown attacker had to attack two other victims. In addition, animals with broken throat were found near the cemetery. In the 60's, witnesses reported the appearance of a strange high, black figure with red eyes.

In 1969 David Farrant, investigator of these phenomena, spent the night spotting a strange figure. He did not say explicitly, that it was a vampire, but he confirmed that the strange character had its characters. Later, however, he should have leaned this theory. Larger searches took place until 1983, but nothing could be unambiguously confirmed.

Are they real?

Are bloodthirsty creatures hiding in shadows and attacking only myth, like the ancient legend that still lives in our minds, or can those beings really exist? Is the exaggerated imagination, the superstition, and the attribution of supernormal abilities to sick people, or are we to be afraid?

picture: https://pixabay.com/sk/zimn%C3%A9-tr%C3%A9ner-z%C3%A1mok-za-studena-589600/


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