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Sound power

In Greek legends, we can meet with the myth of Amphion, who, through lyrical play, proved to destroy rocks and the boulders wandered at the sound of the lyre to him. Based on the legend he builds the walls of Thebes thanks to his lyre.

Today, we will check the part, which is telling us, that the sound could destroy the mountain. Well, we already can find mechanisms, which can destroy just by sound. For all, we can mention European Acoustic Facility sound system, in form of horn, which can generate more than 154 Decibels. Based on the information of the European Space Agency no human can survive hearing sound of this mechanism, when it is turned to maximum of the possible volume.

Army and even some commercial companies, we can mention those, who own the cruise ships, are using sonic cannon LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), which sent steady beam of sound. Cruise ships are using this mechanism to defend against pirates; mechanism of size about 20 centimeters is able to act devastating on the human organism. 

High volume can cause hearing problem. 150 decibels, can forever damage hearing and volume of 210 decibels can cause internal injury.

On similar mechanism were working also Germans during the World War II. However, the effect of sonic cannon on enemy cause only stomach pains and dizziness. With regard to such results and high costs, weapon was not produced in much quantity.

In present exist more types of mechanisms, which can cause unpleasant feeling, nausea, headaches, panic, etc. Even, different experiments showed that certain sound frequency can even extinguish fire. Also brittle things, for example wine glass, can crack because the sound waves disturb their structure.

Thus, more brittle things can be destroyed by the sound, certain high of decibels can damage the perception and even general health. But can be possible, that specific “music” will destroy rocks? As stated Manish Keswani for Arizona Engineer "under certain conditions, sound waves cause the formation of small bubbles that rapidly implode and release an intense shock wave that produces enormous amounts of heat energy and a variety of highly active radicals, which can completely destroy adjacent material."

As we still do not know everything, and we still see the technical advances and innovation is quite possible, that even rocks can be break just by the sound. Also on this legend can be thus more true, than can be seen on the first sight. The question is, what kind of other technology had our ancestors?

Citation: Pete Brown. The Sound of Destruction. NEWS.ARIZONA. 2013 Available at http://news.engr.arizona.edu/news/sound-destruction

foto source" https://pixabay.com/sk/hmlovina-apocalypse-katastrofa-2273069/ 


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