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Feral children
Romulus and Remus

In Roman mythology can be find legend about Romulus and Remus. This myth is telling about twin brothers, who founded the city of Rome and was raised by wolf named Rea.

There are so many stories about feral children, who are wild children raised by animals, all around the world. These stories can be find in myths and legends, for example we can mention story from Bratislava, which is about a boy, who was found near the river. He was eating only fishes, small snakes, river crabs, etc. Some people took him home to try to make from him member of human society. However, after some time boy run away and they did not see him again.

Although, that all can sounds just like stories from books and films, in world we can find real situations when children were raised by dogs, wolfs, monkeys, chickens, goats or even ostriches. Animals are taking care about children, who get lost in wild, or when they were given to the wild by their parents, what is happening in the poor regions of the world, because parents can’t take care about them, this is often for example in India.

Overall, according to Leonard LaPointe, cases of feral children can be “classify and discuss into (a) children raised by animals, (b) isolated children who lived on their own and (c) confined children.” We were already writing about Marie-Angelique Memmie Le Blanc, the Wild Girl of Champagne. But in all the cases is mainly important, when will children become a Feral. The most important for human development is age 2 – 5 years. If during this time is child not with parents/humans they will have more animal behavior. For example as stated John McCrone “with no inner voice to organize their minds, feral children are reduced to the level of an animal. There is a little, if anything, about man’s higher mental abilities which can be considered innate. Indeed, even sexual behavior, facial expressions and walking on two legs seem to require the shaping mould of society.”

Fact, that facial expressions require human society can be prove by Kamala. Amala and Kamala were found by Joseph Singh, in India in 1920, as they were living with wolves. Kamala couldn’t even smile, because in older age people do not have reflexive smiles, because our brain develop to stage, where it can eliminate. Amala dies after short time, Kamala survived for next 9 years. She was howling, learnt few words, and even the long year therapy has no bigger effect. So even after therapy, when she couldn’t even smile or learn many words and was still howling, we can think that during the critical years she was already among the animals and any therapy wouldn’t help her. 

We can even mention story about Wild Peter. Peter was found in 1725 in woods in Germany. British king George I. took him with him and even he get also therapies and best teachers, attempts to civilize him, failed.

Anyway there are also stories about children, which can get back to civilize society. We can mention John Sebunya, who left home as 4 years old, after his father killed his mother. John lived with monkeys, but he was found and now is living his normal human life. Next, in 1933 was found in Turkey little girl living in bear’s lair. Research found out, that she got lost in woods before few years and because she already had contact with people before, it was easy to civilize her.

Thus, we can see that under some circumstances it is possible to get feral children “back to society.” So can be true that Rea was taking care of Romulus and Remus. Also we can see that could be truly story about Fish boy from Bratislava. All the legends of the feral children have real base, so we do not need to name them only as “legends” but as documentary information, which were noted for future generation to avoid these situations.


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