Neverending battles

In many countries, on so many places, can be find different stories about wars and battles which took place there and which already end by win and loose. Clanking of swords and blasts from a cannons are already gone and all those battles was already won before a long time ago. But...

Stories about fights and wars are still alive in minds of people. They still can remind all those horrific events. And more sensitive people on those places do not feel good, feel cold or maybe they even feel feelings of all those warriors and soldiers, who were once there. Once... there... but are not some parts of them still there?

Some theories are saying that in parallel time zones are still taking place events bygone. Based on these theories we can say that these fights and wars are still for their participants real. They are still fighting as in their first and last days. So many times you can see phantom soldiers or even hear their talks. Maybe sounds creepy but phantom battles are real.

One of them is Phantom Battle of Edgehill. This battle took place in 1642 as first war of the English Civil War. These 3 hours attend almost 30 000 soldiers and those who died or were dying did not have fair treatment during their last moments, many of them were even robbed. The very first sighting of ghost soldiers, as they walked across the battlefied, was during the end of the same year. Everything was the same as before, even the screams of horses, clash of armour and cries of dying. Even was prepared christian burial for all the corpses which still layed on the battlefield, there are still from time to time reports from people who saw the ghost battle.

Another of the more modern battles that somehow still taking place, is the Battle of Gettysburg. Also here people still hear the screams and crying of wounded and dying. Clanking swords and guns shots. As reported by Sarah Bartlett "Ghosts soldiers apparently crouching in the undergrowth ready to attack, while the other sneaks behind bushes. Sometimes you can hear whistling some tune or smell the aroma of tobacco. While some ghosts just wander aimlessly, unable to move on, others reliving his deathbed agony. "

For more stories we can go to the Slovak Republic. As reported by Ivan Szabó near the village Ratnovce is Valley called God's torment. "During the Second World War there was fierce fighting taking place. A lot of soldiers were killed there. Their ghosts in this area reveal today. Usually during a Moonlit nights you can hear gunfire  and sob of wounded (...) when plowmen went through those places, horses refused to continue."  About animals is good known that they are able to sence the presence of various energies, thus obviously feel what feel also more sensitive people and there refused to foot on such sites.

We can also mention other theory, which is that on some specific place can meet the past and present time. As if these two mutually independent times met and people from the past and the future, each found themselves in one place. Such as the story took place in England. The man, went for wine and in the cellar suddenly spotted a glow in which appeared a Roman soldier. The man testified that it was clear that a soldier sees him as well. Later quest proved, that through this place once really led the Roman road. It is therefore possible that some day these times meet and show us waveforms wars long past?

It is said that the soul can not leave this world, if a person died a violent death or when he was full of hate, sorrow or desire for revenge and so on. In such cases, the soul of deceased wanders through the world and seeking justice. Even energy of deceased people may be entered into the surrounding objects such as rocks or trees. As stated Mark Nesbitt: "one reason may be electrical energy naturally created in the brain. At the time of death, especially a death resulting from violence, the brain might send off a tremendous burst of electricity that literally sticks in psychic space or even the land itself.“

Souls of the dead will probably reveal on these locations for a long time as mentioned, for various reasons, but, will be ever possible to stop their suffering?

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