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Around the world there are so many mysteries, which still remain unsolved. We can find them anywhere and everywhere. It could be ghosts, paranormal activities, buildings of old civilizations and many others. We have no, or only a little, information about how and why can something exist. People can not sleep because of them and try to understand and explain them. In little serie we will take a look on some mysteries locked in stones...

Nazca Lines

One of the most famous mysteries are Nazca Lines, which represents lines on arid plateau in Peru. On this isolated part of the world are drawn different creatures like hummingbirds, spermwhale, spider, monkey and many others. Total there are more than 300 drawnings. These drawnings are huge and they are visible only from above. Here we can find first issue. Some people will argue that they are visible only from airplanes, thus they were connected with aliens and the second view is that these drawnings can be seen also from nearby mountains.

Yes, you can see drawnings from nearby mountains but not as good as seen from the above. In fact when you are direct on plateau you don´t know where you are, thus their discovery came when they were registered by people from planes. 

The very first expedition started Paul Kosok in 1939, his work follow up Maria Reiche, who discovered many of the drawnings.  Her theory was that drawnings was made because of astronomy, following astronomical phenomena for the planning of sowing and reaping. This theory was questioned. In fact there are so many theories why was made these drawnings and all of them are questionable. 

If these drawnings will be irrigation system or runway for aliens lines don´t need to represents animals and people. Yes, some of the lines are straight for kilometers but not all of them. Next, if drawnings should represent astronomical calendar  or they had ritual or religious significance it will surely be in some different form or somewhere and in size which will be seen from each place, for everyone.

Maybe you get on mind, how drawnings were made. It is not as complicated as you might think. From pampa was only removed the top layer of dark clay. According to some tests its easily to make with sticks and ropes. So the question is not how but why? There are many theories, but none of them explaining the enourmous animals which were drawn with accuracy like spider genus Ricinueli which is drawn also with parts which can be seen only under a microscope. Something so detailed must have deeper reason. Will be revealed? 

Bolshoi Zayatsky island

We already mentioned MysteriousIslands, which may exist or not. They appear only to few of us and no one else ever saw them again. But there are still islands which are real more that enough and there are mysteries to know. One of them is Bolshoi Zayatsky island, Russia, where are till nowadays ancient buildings like giant mounds and shrines, but what is most interesting, are stone labyrinths dated before 3 000 BC. These labyrinths are intersting because there is still no exact explanation of their existence and also on this island is highest concentration of labyrinths. Labyrinths can befind in many cultures around the world. There are many theories why they exist. Some people think that they are related with spiritual beliefs and also that they represent hard parth of life or path of soul after the death. This ideas came mainly with Christianity. As stated Enzo Bernardini in The Book of mysterious places „from the 4th century AD passed labyrinth into the Christian symbols with meaning of difficult and agonizing journey, that souls must past, in order to get to God and become saved.

But, next, Sarah Bartlett, stated in Guide to the world´s Supernatural places, „in the Middle Ages the clergy used the labyrinth at the Easter ritual dances. Labyrinths also symbolized the journey of pilgrims to the cathedral, is final stage. Christian church later ordered to remove labyrints from European churches because of its pagan origins.

So, life respectively after life path is more connected with Christianity, thus this can´t be the main reason. Also the stones, from which are labyrinths made and now are covered by withlichen, moss and heather, are max. 40 centimeters high. We can assume that if the main reason will be so venerable they will be more monumetal.

From other hypothesis we can mention, that labyrinths could be primitive temples, astral projections, calendars, traps for bad spirits, or just sign of somebody´s existence.

Probably the most interesting theory is that these labyrinths were using as a fishtraps. Labyrinths are located on the western side of the island on the ground right by the sea. We can also assume that during their building was sea level higher than is now and also that tide get also to those labyrinths which are further from sea. Fish swum to the labyrinth and stay trapped.

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