African monsters which you (don´t) know


Mamlambo, bizarre creature which acts in stories of different tribes in south Africa. Terrible creature with crocodile or snake like body, short legs, horse like head, neck of a snake might look as a creation of nightmares but it lives in Mzintlava river near Mount Ayliff. Mamlambo was first saw before hundread of years but, according to locals, you can be sure that it is still in the depths of the african rivers. This 20 meters long animal with green glowing eyes at night is also called „brain-sucker.“ This unflattering name has creature earned because according to locals when it kill a human or animal it suck out their blood and brain out.

Local news brought information, that the creature in Mzintlava River was responsible for nine death people in the first months of year 1997. The bodies, which were found, were without faces but it wasnt´t work of Mamlambo but the crabs, which ate the soft parts of the bodies.

We know about Mamlambo that creature have hypnotic gaze, its drowning its victims before eating them. Although its drowning people and animals, people believe that Mamlambo is not phantom of river and lakes as we already mention some, but real creature which appears during lightning storms. 

Ninki nanka

Creature called Ninka nanka lives in Gambian river and the mangrove swamps of West Africa. Stories about this large and dangerous creature can be found in tales of different tribes. 12 meters long Ninka nanka with neck of giraffe, head of the horse, mirror like scales and three horns on the head can be usually seen at night. Everyone should be really careful because it will kill anything what will lies in its path.

Some descriptions represent Ninka nanka as Komodo dragon or large lizard but more of them describe it as large snake or, what is more fascinating, Dragon like beast. Research group in 2006, which tryed to prove existence of this creature, showed to witnesses some pictures and these said that it most look like a chinese dragon. Also interesting is that some witnesses said that they saw a fire in the creatures mouth. Creature might have only red mouth or tongue but we can predict that people, even in stress, can identify fire.

Maybe these informations are little unbelievable but there was already found fossil of snake, which had four legs. So, the idea of huge beast which looks like Chinese form of dragon don´t need to be so unreal.


We already know many felines living in different parts of the world. Lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars, lynxes and many other. They are inspiring us, scaring us. They are representing wilderness. They are huge and face to face you have no chance against them. But there is something bigger and more dangerous. Something big, swift, dangerous and aggressive what roams plains of Tanzania during the night. This creature is called Mngwa. This 2,5 long and nearly 200 kilograms heavy beast is dark gray with darker grey or black stripes, large paws with silent move already attacked also natives. Some of the witnesses told that creature is saber-toothed.  

Even for modern world was this creature first saw in 1900s already before hundreads of years was organized hunting parties to find these dangerous creatures but those came up empty. Mngwa was never caught but victims have usualy in hands tufts of gray fur. 


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