Treasures of the World

Many people are attracted to gold, platinum, silver, gemstones and many other rare things with high value. But, in the whole world, we can find much bigger treasures than these...

10. Underground Empires

Many authors in their works deal with topic of underground Empires. From the most famous may be mentioned Jules Verne and his Journey to the Center of the Earth, in which his heroes through labyrinths and tunnels came into the world, where they discovered prehistoric plants and animals and back on the surface came through the Stromboli volcano. However, can we condemn the idea of underground world? About work of Jules Verne is known, that they exceeded their time. Was he right also in this case? Maybe yes. In different parts of the world we can find tracks to the truth.

One of the stories is captured in the chronicle of Abbot Ralph of Cogeshall, who brought us the story of two green children, boy and girl, who should occure near the village of Woolpit (England) in 1210. The boy, the younger of the siblings, died over time, but the girl learned English and told the people, that they came from a country were the sun never lit and people are green. They reached the village when they went through a long tunnel.

Huge tunnels can be found throughout the world, for example as states Vladimír Liška "there are geological theories, which say that deep underground across whole Europe are vast hollow spaces with underground rivers, long hundreds of kilometres, which run out through special tunnels to the surface and create some great lakes."

Earth can therefore be interwoven by various tunnels and corridors, but where they lead? Some experts believe that the places on surface are with these tunnels connected with the mythical, underground, Empire of Agharta. In the capital city, Shamballa, live the ruler, who we can know as the "king of the world." Although the story of the underground world seems to be incredible, according to Ramond Bernard, this empire saw many people. One of those people should be Alexandre Saint-Yves, who in 1885 visited the eastern group of insiders, who came from this mythical realm and communicate telepathically. We can also mention admiral Richard E. Byrd, who was allowed to the kingdom because he had good moral and ethical character.

9. Voices of the Earth

Deserts are for many people just endlessly sand dunes. On travelers often lurk thirst, mirage and many other inconveniences. However, the number of them stop and listen when sand start singing. According to Shanon Fischer, scientists „explain singing sand as sand grains shuffle down the slopes of certain sand dunes, they produce a deep, groaning hum that reveberates for miles.“ But problem is, that not all sand grains making these sounds, or sounds of sand dunes on one place on the Earth are different. As Fischer stated a „trio of Parisian biophysicists think that necessarily is the size of the grains, though why the size matters is still unkown.“

Another place where we can "talk with Earth" is volcano Tangkuban Prahu in Indonesia, which was like many other volcanoes the centre of human sacrifices rituals, which are still alive in many parts of the world. As reported Jaroslav Mareš from the bottom of the crater reveberate whisper representing messages from sacrificed virgins, who are telling the stories about hidden treasures, gold and precious stones. To acquire them, must bold man liberate the girl. Nobody ever made it, so, many people think that the whisper from the bottom of the volcano crater is voice of a demon, who wants to attract more victims.

Although on earth are many different places with many different sounds for example Whistling Rocks of Tongo, where we can hear whistling when wind from the Sahara blows through it, or the Hum, which many of us know as invasive low-frequence humming or droning noise, we must say, that all Earth alone is source of beautiful sound. According to Dr. Tony Phillips Earth sound is called chorus, „what is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth´s radiation belts. For years, ham radio operators on Earth have been listening to them from afar. Now, NASA´s twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes are traveling through the region of space where chorus actually comes from – and the recording are out of this world.“

8. Earth lights

When we are talking about Earth lights we can first think about Northern Lights, which is the result from emissions of photons in the Earth´s upper atmosphere. Althought Northern Lights portrays a beautiful shapes, which were parts of many legends and myths for example about celestial fox or fallen warriors, on Earth are also other, less or more interesting, lights that are known from various parts of the world.

The ancients often met strange light shows, which are called ignes fatui. Zdeněk Váňa states, that these wandering lights represent the souls of the deceased, who appears in simmering swamps and trunks, but also on the graves. Except of these weird lights they can also get the form of children or little men with lanterns. These creatures could try to seduce people out of the way. Sometime they try to kill people, but they could also show them enormous wealth.

We may also mention the lights in the form of fire balls, as they are near Marfa, USA. According to physics students at the Universtiy of Texas, these lights come from headlights of cars passing the near highway. The problem with this theory is, that these lights have been seen also before. Similarly, these lights don´t just copied movements of cars´ headlights but sometimes they hover over a person, or they are moving around.

Similar, fast and small, light named Min Min can be found in Boulia, Australia. About these lights natives speak, that whoever decides to follow them and catch them, disappear. In this case we would thus be able to observe a similarity with European ignes fatui, that are sometimes hostile to people, and we could believe that there are some form of life, although according to Professor Pettigrew from Vision, Touch and Hearing Research Centre are the Min Min lights result of mirage.

7. Strange Caves

In addition of tunnels, is Earth also full of many beautiful caves, that allow us to peer into another world emblazoned with the secret. Apart from the typical stories about fossil brides or whole processions, are also handed down stories about caves that reveals their treasures only once a year. Gates within them are usually open from nowhere and woe to those who remain in them for too long. This door opens up to a year, even, the person may think, that was there just for a moment.

About one such strange cave inform also Aleš Česal and Radim Němeček, who brought us information about Jakub Böhme. In 16th century lived Böhme near the town Zhořelec (Germany) and often went out with other boys to graze cattle. One day, at noon, he faced peak Landeskrone with three big red rocks on the top grouped into the gate, which leaded into the mountain. Böhme had discovered a large barrel with money, but he don´t took nothing and ran back to the light. Later, when he returned back, strange cave or entrance were no longer there.

Another such cave we could find in 1904 in California, which was in the Cascade Mountain Range appeared by J. C. Brown, who get into the cave through a long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel were walls covered with copper plates with an unknown writings. There were also human skeletons and Brown said, that time at a strange place run much slower than in the outer world. Later expeditions, that searched for this mysterious place, have not been successful.

6. Mysterious Mountains

In many cultures are, respectively, were mountains considered gods, or at least as their home. In Ancient Greece we can talk about Mount Olympus, where the gods dwell, also the Buddhist and Hindu gods are located on the Himalayan peaks and in Japan we can find Mount Fuji, where is the output even today seen as an important ceremony.

Overall, in some parts of the world are mountains still an important symbol of religion and culture. Some cultures, however, look also inside the mountains. In the Indian myths we may find stories about long wandering for food or heat, during which heroes stopped in front of the mountain, which is a huge tepee where can live good or evil magical creature. In Europe, we can find stories, in which are heroes facing against mountains´ rules such as Lady of the copper mountain with lizard army, who wants to stop the mining of precious metals.

In addition to various ladies or other magical beings, however, in many European countries exists also mountains, which are keeping the troops of the knights. Legends says, that these knights of the old times will appear when will be the worst time for the nation. One of these mountains is the Blaník (Czech Republic). According to Aleš Česal and Radim Němeček in 19th century lived Commissioner Putzlacher, who made an inspection tour in one village near this mountain. After he fulfilled obligations, he opted for a little evening trip near mountains. Commissioner told his fellow traveler old stories about heroic knights, but he ridiculed them. But happened something, what nobody expected. To the carriage suddenly in cloud of dust galloped large crowd of knights in dark blue armor and with long battle swords. They accompanied the carriage quarter of an hour, then turn the horses around and galloped away.

5. Thinking nature?

In mythologies of many nations of the world we can find worship of the nature and Earth itself or its substance, and the subsequent creation of the world is attributed to the female goddesses, which are representing the power of creation and rebirth. However, as stated Sarah Bartlett, great mother Earth had also darker and scarier page. Good-hearted goddesses can be also discovered like witches and creatures that ruled the death. Overall, according to the Gaia theory, we can understand Earth like superorganism, who creates itself.

Of course, the planet wouldn´t let alive no parasites, which are making its life difficult. Even by Alan Carter, nature is not sentimental and always proved correct, respectively removed bad creations. Unfortunately, man is also one of these one, because it doesn´t benefits Earth. According to Carter it seems "very likely, that nature has already conceived intention how man quickly and definitively eliminate from blue planet (...) rapid expansion of AIDS and first million deaths from the disease is today understand like the first modern "war" campaign of nature against human."

The idea of nature as a factor that affects a population of people is not as misguided as it might seem at first view. We can observe the "procedure" of nature for example on Baby Booms, when are born more children than usually. This baby boom we could observe on population of the USA. In the early years had the average family about 10 children, but this figure gradually began to shrink at the beginning of the 20th century, on the average of 3 -4 children. Change occurred after the World War II. Some researches estimate that within 20 years from the end of the war was born more than 70 milion Americans.

4. Fountain of Youth

Life or at least return of health can, according to many stories, bring us healing springs, fruit trees and even flowers. However, it is the water that is basis of life. It forms more than 70% of the human body and more than 80% of the brain. From ancient times are acting whole pilgrimages for people, who wanna to drink from healing springs. An example we can mention the river Ganga, which is a goddess of purification. People believe that after a bath in the river are washed away all their sins.

However, it may be possible something like magical water or the Fountain of Youth? For many researcher is Fountain of Jouth just sort of Euroasian myth, which can be found in the folklore of many ethnicities across continents. But even that did not stop many daredevils, who decided to seek Fountain of Youth. From all of them may be remember also Alexander the Great.

Taking into account all the various unexplained wonders on our planet, we can assume that the true Fountain of Youth may be fundamentally different, that which can be seen bubbling up in the adjacent forests. About the strange water refers for example Arnošt Vašíček, who states, that the crystal clear spring water, which has also a healing power, gushes in the courtyard of the Abbey church of Arles ru Tech, which is born from nothing in a closed sarcophagus.

3. Energy points of the Earth

On some special places can more sensitive persons feel better or worse, and then search for these places, respectively avoid them. Old nations on such places often built sacred burial mounds, temples or places of worship. These places was also the aim of prayers or Witch Gathering. They invoked the holy forces, welcomed spring and so on. According to many theories below the earth surface flow invisible springs of energy, which can jet, cross, getting stronger and so influence people in good and bad. Particularly sensitive people may feel and also use this energy. We can understand these energy points as vortex spots, which are a part of Earth´ chakra system. Many people believe, that if, they will meditate on these vortex spots they will have more energy on their spiritual ways.

Places, where the different types of energy, jet can attract good, respectively evil entities. It is said, that if somebody is buried on such place, his soul and the power obtained from the earth´s energy can assist him to help or harm people. In these cases it is necessary to change the place of final rest of deceased.

At such places we can track various paranormal processes and these places are often examinated by geomants, who are dealing with the actions of earth energies on special places, or parapsychologists, who try to clarify appearance of good or evil specter. Also through energetic places are experts trying to explain the apparition of the Virgin Mary or malevolent ghosts in the form of hellish creatures.

2. Colors

From everywhere are "attacking" us colors and from different studies we can learn, that they may have on us better or worst impact. They influence our feelings, mood, appetite and work ethic and many others. To colors was attributed different meaning, which depends on the culture and time. A typical example is the contrast between black and white. In western culture white represent joy and black sadness, in Eastern cultures it´s counter.

However, we can appear colors even there, where we can not see them so easily. Colors are everywhere, whether in remote, unexplored corners of the universe or even in our bodies. Our insides shine with different colors and we may actually ask why, when we don´t see these colors and they can´t affect us through sensory perception? As reported Ján Bienik in the human body are different sorts of radiation. Such rays convey information about processes in living cells, allowing early detection of pathologies in the body.

We can assume, that color or its hue may indicate different conditions or mood. However, the colors can be find also on us. As states Vladimír Liška aura is now considered as a visible zone energy field of every living creature and each variation means that something is wrong. In such cases, we can observe the cracks or holes in aura, which indicate any disease. Thus, not only universe or the world but also we are filled with colors, which influenced us in some way.

1.      Energy

Energy is all around us. In each animal, plant and also in us is a tremendous amount of energy, that we are using every day. Even our thoughts are energy, which can be easily materialize. Many times can be the result of our concentration the creation of magical creature. This way can be create a separate entity thas is independent of its creator.

Ability to create standalone forms, visible to all, have the Tibetian monks, who, after a long meditation, can create a materialized form of land, animal or human (tulpas). As stated Jacques Marseille and Nadeije Laneyrie-Dagen according to these monks is the world, in which we live, just a kind of spiritual vision and their aim is to expand their spirits´ capabilities. One of these creatures can be in many part of the world also the black dogs. It can be mentioned Black Shuck from Great Britain. Although, can be this creature seen real, many researcher believe that it is merely a form of energy that has retained the form of a dog. 

In contrast with the time, which passes, the energy remains on many places and its reproductions can persist for years. Such residual power often remains in places where died many people. At such places feel people bad, they can hear the sound of dying people, cries for help, shots etc. One of those places is the forest near the village Peredelkino, Russia, where in 1812 died nearly 3 000 Russian and French soldiers, who were also buried there. A similar point is also Aokigahara at the foot of Mount Fuji, where were till 19th century "putting off" old people, when families could not take care of them. The enormous energy that had accumulated there over centuries, can many people lead to suicide. 


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