Mysterious Mountains Spirits

"He was with me all the way. Only when we came into a camp and I made tea for two, I realized, that I was alone."

We can hear such statements from many climbers who, due to the thin air, tend to have hallucinations often constituting a sort of imaginary friend. There are various theories explaining these delusions. The common circumstances, in which individuals have these visions are extreme conditions such as mountains and lack of oxygen at high altitude, and extreme fatigue. With similar delusions are often encountering a variety of extreme athletes like marathoners, but mostly climbers, alpinists.

As reported Myles Osborne during the ascent of Everest in 2006 saw the group at 8 600 meters men "without gloves, cap, goggles, oxygen mask, regulator, ice ax, sleeping bag, without food or water. He looked at us and said: ´I can imagine, that you´re surprised to see me.´ He was without equipment, lightly dressed and alive."

Another example brings us Ľubomír Okruhlica, who states the story of a runner, who "during the Badwater Ultramarathon in the swift heat in Death Valley met prospector, who asked him for water. Only when he heard pouring water on the road, he realized, that the man was just non-existed vision."

In 1999 in Philadelphia team consisting of Peter Brugger, Marianne Regard, Theodor Landis and Oswald Oelz dealt with hallucionatory experience of climbers in extreme altitudes. Study attempted to determine the incidence, type and circumstances of unusual experiences in a specialized group of healthy volunteers. Results of the study showed, that the number of ascents and hallucinations have no relationship and except one subject, had hallucinations all of them.

"I heard someone speak French (...) I answer. It was also in French - amazing, when you consider, that I do not speak French at all."

Except extreme circumstances may be the reason of hallucinations also coffee. According to research by La Trobe University in Australia are coffee lovers in 3x greater risk to have potential hallucinations than other people. Professor Simon Crowe examined 92 people with different income levels of caffeine and stress. According to Crowe, people with high doses of caffeine are more likely to see and hear things that are not real. Of course hallucinations are caused by enormous doses of caffeine and also we should take into account the different effects that caffeine can have on different people.

Hazardous effects could have excessive use of caffeine with consumption of other stimulants such as chocolate. According to the US - Canadian team lead by Dana Small from Northwestern University in Evaston during eating chocolate are activated the same parts of the brain as those that are activated by the ingestion of drugs.

We could therefore assume, that all of our hallucinations, which are lurking on us are simply a mirage caused by extreme conditions in combination with an overdose of certain stimulants. However, there are some places of the world, where spirits reveal and can not be explained so easily.

According to one Icelandic legend in the mountains live tribe Huldufolk, what may be translated as a hiding people. Huldumadur, a man of this tribe, should show to the lost women and help them find their way during a snowstorm and fog. Although the tribe of hidden people may seem more than unrealistic, there are women who claim, that they really met Huldumadur. One of them is the Danish etnographer Kirsten Hastrup, who spent several months on a farm in Iceland. Once she participated in the expedition, which was searching for a flock of sheep. Kirsten with one of them remained on a high rocky cliff, where was sheep trapped.

"Suddenly started to descend mist from the mountains. I knew, I could not descend alone. It was a kind of fear on the place, where I found myself. Suddenly appeared vague human figure in the fog, I immediately knew that it was one of the tribe Huldufolk, Huldumadur."

Since the Middle Ages, it is known, that men of this tribe helped women in the misty mountains. "Apparently even touched me, but who knows, if not done something without my consciousness?" Of course, there are some skeptics, who would Huldumadur identified as a hallucination caused by situation, but Kirsten is sure, that this meeting was real.

"The only thing, I clearly remember was, that it was a real experience materialization of unreality."

In additions to strange people and various mysterious nations, may be in some places encounter beigns, that are not found elsewhere. Of course, there may be an endemic species, respectively creatures that live on only one place on Earth, but some of these creatures are so strange that often the only meaningful explanation is their "transition" from a parallel world. However, it is the existence of parallel world real? As states Vladimír Liška "ideas about foreign, alternative world were also involved in the formation of all religious systems, where gods and demons, embodying the eternal conflict between good and evil, inhabited the country away from our normal sensory perception."
We may think that something like that can really exist, some sort of transfers between our world and a parallel one. One of those places can be the highest peak of the Kyrgyz National Park Ala Archa - Alamyudyun Peak. About half of the hill is a mysterious stone cottage designed for climbers who are encountering strange creature. Witnesses reported a dark figure about three meters high, which tends to disappear after a while. Of course many would be led to believe that it could be just a kind of ghost or shadow, but it´s not. When parapsychologist Dr. Leonid Yakovlev took with him to the mysterious cottage dog and a cat, this phantom threw cat two meters away and then jumped away from enraged dog and disappeared.

Thus, although there are certainly cases where is our perception playing with us and showing us images which are unreal, there are still instances when what we see does not pose a mirage, but real beings...


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